Fungus toenails: an effective treatment for

To cure nail fungus at home, you need to use special medication. Therapies differ for initial and advanced stage of the disease. To recognize each of them for certain symptoms. The disease is called onychomycosis. It is impossible to neglect, because pathology long, difficult treated. A certain cure for fungus toenails can be selected depending on the severity of symptoms.

what is nail fungus

What is nail fungus

Onychomycosis is one of the most common infectious diseases, which causes microorganisms in the form of yeast and moulds. Because of their quick spread of the nail plate begin to turn yellow, crack, crumble, and get fat. As a result of reproduction of the fungus can completely lose the nail. If untreated, they will crumble. To be infected by the fungus easily in public. This is especially true of saunas, pools, beaches, nail salons, fitness clubs.

From what appears

Most cases of infection occurs through a common with a sick person everyday objects or his shoes. More prone to nail fungus are people with excessive sweating of the feet. Often foot fungus appears in adults, in children it is celebrated much less frequently. Causes of the disease are:

  • wearing tight shoes;
  • poor hygiene
  • disorders of the endocrine and nervous system;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • poor circulation of the lower extremities;
  • frequent visits to places with high humidity;
  • chronic infectious diseases;
  • deformation of the feet;
  • diseases of the blood vessels.

Types of fungus toenails

There are several types of fungi that can be affected nail plates on the legs. The main ones are the following:

  1. Musty. Defeat them more likely weakened by the long illness. The nail acquires a bluish, yellowish or greenish tint, maybe even go black. Completely remove the fungus on toe nails it is possible for 1-2 months.
  2. Yeast. The nail becomes rough, covered with fissures and waves, acquires a yellow or brown color. With the progression of the disease plate behind the bed. Nail rollers while fester, thicken.
  3. Dermatophytes. Appear yellow spots on the nail plate. The edges of the nail away from the bed. As degradation stains completely absorbs the nail.


First the disease affects the large toes. For a long time, it destroys the nail. With the spread of the fungus affects the other fingers. A person feels itchy between them. The skin begins to peel and crack. Further, the pathology manifested by the following features:

  1. Change the color of the nail plate. In the normal state it is translucent, has a pinkish hue. After a fungal nail color changes to yellow, brown or black.
  2. Thickening of the nail plate. An increased keratinization of her, so she becomes fat. In advanced cases, it even prevents treatment.
  3. The crumbling. In the absence of proper therapy is the destruction of the nail plate, it is fully painted.
fungus toenails stage


Signs of fungal attack are different depending on the stage of onychomycosis. Infection happens quickly, and to recognize the pathology following symptoms:

  1. The first stage. To the naked eye to recognize it is very difficult. It is only the doctor, who at multiple magnifications can see small pale spots.
  2. The second stage. Pathology continues to progress. Small stripes and dots turn into entire furrows. This leads to the destruction of the plate. Vanishes the Shine of the nail plate, it begins to turn yellow.
  3. The third stage. If you ignore early symptoms, you can completely lose the nail. The skin around it becomes red and scaly. The nail is fully stratified. Against this background, observed unpleasant odor

How to diagnose fungus

Symptoms of the disease only confirm the defeat of the toenails fungal infection. The cause of the disease can be determined only by laboratory studies. To assign adequate therapy onychomycosis differencebut with psoriasis, lichen planus, etc. If there are signs you should refer to the mycologist or a dermatologist. Diagnostic methods are the following:

  1. Microsporia. Represents the scrapings from the nail plate. For fence material the nail is treated with a special substance that destroys the keratin. As such, the material is easier to explore.
  2. The study of bacteria. Is to place the material in a nutrient medium. Of the pathogen is determined by the rate of growth, color and shape of colonies. This study allows to determine the sensitivity of a microorganism to drugs.
  3. DNA-diagnostics. This method identifies the affected area only dermatophytes and the fungi Candida. Diagnosis is carried out by special machines, so expensive.

How to treat nail fungus on feet

Depending on the clinical manifestations of the disease, size of the affected area and the degree of change of the nail, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Therapy may include:

  • ointments, creams, lotions, drops, sprays for disinfection and the treatment of footwear which help fungal infections of mild or moderate severity;
  • pills in the overflow of the disease in the severe stage;
  • surgical removal of the nail plate. in severe or recurrent infection;
  • folk remedies, for example, soda, garlic, hydrogen peroxide, ointment of birch tar, tea tree oil, tincture of celandine, propolis, acetic acid.

In the initial stage

With a small amount of defeat to cure onychomycosis will help local treatment. Here are the patches with the effect of exfoliation, therapeutic varnishes, creams, gels and ointments. These drugs are effective only in the initial stages of onychomycosis. They are applied directly on the affected nail and its surrounding tissue for a long time. Sometimes for a full treatment takes about a year.

Running fungus

If the disease is already running, external products are not very effective. You need to use medicine for internal use. This includes antifungals in the form of tablets and capsules. They inhibit the growth of the pathogen, inhibit its spread. In addition, pills have a prolonged effect, and therefore reduce the likelihood of re-infection.

how to treat fungus

How to treat nail fungus on feet

Depending on the stage of the disease, the doctor will prescribe patients certain drugs. Major groups of antifungal drugs are:

  • drugs systemic use;

  • funds for local use.

The latter group of products includes a variety of medications that are applied directly on the affected nail. The main ones are:

  • lucky;
  • sprays;
  • solutions;
  • cream

Special varnishes

In the initial stages of the disease, you can use an antifungal lacquer. They contribute to softening of the nail plate, increasing concentration in them medicinal substances.

Ointments and creams

The efficiency of the local drugs due to direct contact of the drug with the lesion. In the first stage of the disease prescribe only those medications, because pills have more side effects.

Antifungal pills

If the signs of nail fungus on the feet indicate a running stage of the disease, the doctor prescribes more serious antifungal drugs in pill form.

Laser therapy

If the nail fungus in an advanced stage and not amenable to treatment with drugs that are used more radical methods. One of the most effective methods is laser therapy. Under the influence of rays, the fungus spores are killed. In addition, the laser does not harm surrounding tissues. Even advanced stage of onychomycosis can be cured in 3-4 treatments.

Treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies

Ways in how to treat fungus on toe nails folk remedies, it is worth to use along with the use of drugs. This is especially true of advanced stage of the disease. In this case, use only recipes will not help. At the first sign of onychomycosis, you can use vinegar, iodine, Kombucha, tincture of celandine.


For getting rid of the fungus use Apple cider vinegar. It must be mixed with warm water in proportion 1:1. In this solution it is required to hold the feet for about 15-20 minutes. After that, the feet need to let dry completely. Repeat the procedure is recommended daily for 2 weeks. During this time, you can see how it begins to grow new not damaged by fungus nail.


Effective treatment of fungus toenails are carried out and with the help of iodine. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. Every day should be treated with iodine the affected nail plate. It is important to constantly remove the tip of the nail, which grew back. This remedy for foot fungus enjoys a good feedback. Iodine can be used for hot baths. For this 10 drops dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, floating in her foot 10 minutes.


nail fungus Kombucha

With Kombucha make compresses. To this end, the plate specified the funds to be applied to the affected nail, wrap with cellophane and bandage. On top you want to wear socks. Better to do the procedure at night and in the morning, rinse feet under warm water, then to remove diseased parts and to grease with iodine. Many patients reported severe pain, but if you fail, you can quickly cure fungus.


Fresh celandine is necessary to pass through a meat grinder, squeeze the pulp from the juice, using 3-4 layers of cheesecloth. You need to take so much weed to make 200 ml. There was added 200 ml of 70% alcohol and leave to infuse for a whole day. Ready means lubricate the affected areas after 10 minutes of steaming legs and dry completely. The course of treatment is not less than 10-12 days. During the day, the nail plate needs to handle 3-4 times.