Treatment of nail fungus with celandine

Nail fungus is a common problem that anyone can face. Medicine offers both official and non-traditional folk remedies as a method of treatment. Among the latter, the most common is celandine. This plant, which is a weed, has pronounced antiseptic properties, which is clear from its name. Toenail fungus celandine is very effective, but it is important to know how to use it properly.

The composition and useful properties of the plant

Useful properties of celandine due to its composition, which include:

  • phytoncides with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties;
  • chelidonin, which is an anesthetic and antipruritic agent;
  • essential oils, organic acids and vitamin A, which has a regenerating and wound healing effect.

Is it possible to cure toenail fungus with celandine is a common question that worries all patients. In order to see the maximum effect, a number of conditions are necessary. Firstly, the fungus should not have an advanced stage, at the initial stage the chance of recovery with the help of therapy approaches 100%, and if the disease has been going on for a long time, then celandine can only be used as part of complex therapy, which includes medications.

Treatment of nail fungus with celandine is effective if it is used for prevention: in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease, or to consolidate the therapeutic effect obtained with the help of specially designed drugs.

juice and decoction of celandine from toenail fungus

Pros and cons of celandine treatment

The treatment of toenail fungus with celandine has many advantages, allowing the method to remain in the position of the most popular. Firstly, celandine is available: the plant grows almost everywhere, it is easy to find, collect and apply for a specific recipe. If desired, you can buy celandine in different forms at any pharmacy.

Celandine is a natural remedy, which can also be included in the list of its benefits. But for allergy sufferers, this can also be a minus, since any herbal remedy is always a strong allergen. Before the first use, celandine must be tested on a sensitive area of \u200b\u200bthe body, for example, on the elbow.

Despite the fact that celandine-based nail fungus products are relatively safe, they contain the substance chelidonin, which is poisonous. This property of chelidonin helps to cope with the fungus, as it actually destroys it. But it can cause burns if applied externally, or serious intoxication if taken internally. Because of this, it is not recommended to take products containing celandine inside.

A conditional minus of celandine is the fact that any non-traditional therapy is usually used for self-medication. That is, before treating celandine toenail fungus, the patient does not undergo a mandatory medical examination, which helps to choose a more accurate treatment.

Methods of treatment with celandine

Due to the fact that celandine juice contains poison, you should not take risks and take it inside. Moreover, with nail fungus, treatment should be mainly external.

Therefore, using celandine directly for application to nails affected by the fungus, the choice must be made before using a concentrated treatment agent and diluted juice in the form of trays.


There are many recipes for baths in which a healing plant is added in various forms. But if a number of rules: firstly, the water temperature should be within 50 degrees, that is, neither hot nor cold. Secondly, the tool is not independent, after the bath it is necessary to treat the nails with a different composition.

To prepare, you need to take 4 tablespoons of celandine oil, 20 ml of tincture or an equal amount of decoction in a small bath of water.

The bath should be done twice a day, morning and evening, soaking the nails for at least half an hour.

Nail treatment

For the treatment of nails, you can use the pure juice of the plant. To do this, it should be cut and squeezed through cheesecloth. Soak a cotton pad with juice, then wipe your nails twice a day.

The processing efficiency can be enhanced by adding other components to the celandine juice.

  1. Citrus juice, for example, half a lemon, creates an environment on the nails that is unfavorable for the life of fungi. It must be mixed with juice, and a mask for nails should be made twice a day for half an hour. Instead of lemon juice, analogues can be used: the treatment of nail fungus with vinegar and celandine is more popular than lemon juice therapy.
  2. For processing, you can use celandine oil from nail fungus, prepared on your own or bought at a pharmacy. In order for the components of the product to better penetrate the nail plate, the nails must first be steamed in a soap and soda bath. After that, discs are moistened with oil, which are applied to the nails for half an hour 1-2 times a day. Therapy should continue for at least 3 months until the affected nail has fully grown.
  3. Iodinol is an antiseptic that has antifungal properties. When mixed with celandine oil in a 1: 1 ratio, it creates a very effective remedy. It is applied in the same way as oil: in the form of a compress on the nails after steaming. Iodinol can be bought at a pharmacy. If desired, substitution for iodine is allowed.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide in a 3% solution helps improve the penetration of the oil into the nails. For the recipe, you need to take both components in equal amounts, and apply to the nails after the bath. Treatment should be continued until the nail grows back.

Whether it is possible to cure nail fungus with celandine does not depend on the choice of a specific recipe, but on the regularity of its use. If you treat your nails every day at least 2 times, the therapeutic effect will definitely make itself felt.

How to prepare medicines based on celandine?

Celandine in the form of ready-made medicinal products can be purchased at a pharmacy. But it is not difficult to make an ointment, cream, balm or celandine oil from toenail fungus on your own. The main thing is to choose the right proportions and follow the cooking technology.

The best recipes with celandine against nail fungus

For treatment, it is recommended to use not one, but several means. That is, the fastest way to treat nail fungus with celandine at home is achieved not with the help of an integrated approach, and not with one specific recipe.

Healing celandine juice

Celandine juice should be used only freshly squeezed, without storing it for a long time. It is important to understand that the juice is very poisonous, and therefore is used as a means for cauterization, the destruction of a fungal infection. When working with celandine, you must follow the safety rules: wear protective gloves, and apply the juice itself with a cotton pad or stick on the nails themselves.

Juice can be mixed with other components that destroy the fungus.

cooking oil

There is celandine-based oil in any pharmacy, but it is very easy to prepare it at home according to the following recipe: mix any vegetable oil and dried celandine herb in approximately equal proportions, and put it to languish in a water bath for three hours. After the oil has cooled down, which will happen after about 2-3 hours, the product is completely ready for use.

Store oil in a cool, dark place, such as a refrigerator.

Ointment with celandine juice

Ointment with celandine can be used as masks for nails affected by a fungal infection. Unlike the recipe for the preparation of oil, the ointment requires the use of fresh celandine, from which the juice is squeezed. To speed up the cooking process, you can not squeeze the juice, but simply grind the fresh plant in a blender. After that, the celandine is mixed with any fat in equal amounts and infused throughout the day. Rub the ointment should be 1 time per day.

The cream has a similar therapeutic effect. Gruel from crushed celandine is mixed with baby cream in a ratio of 1: 3 in favor of the cream, since the absorption of the cream is much higher than that of fat. The remedy is applied three times a day. It can be used for both treatment and prevention.

Tincture of celandine on alcohol

Celandine tincture from toenail fungus on alcohol is made from a fresh plant, which is mixed with vodka in a ratio of 1: 2. The product is poured into a bottle and infused in a dark place for 12-14 days. After that, you need to take a few drops of tincture every day, mixing it with water. You need to start the dosage with 5 drops, gradually increasing to 20 drops. The duration of therapy should not exceed 2 weeks.

Compresses on celandine juice

Any described recipe can be used as a compress, applying it with a thick layer on the nails and leaving it for half an hour. Pre-nails need to be softened in the bath.

Celandine decoction

A decoction of celandine can be used as baths. For cooking, you need to take one and a half liters of boiling water and pour 5 tablespoons of a dry plant into it. After insisting the product for 15 minutes, it should be cooled.

Cold broth is diluted with an equal amount of hot water, in which you need to boil your legs for half an hour.

After that, the feet are wiped with a paper towel and treated with ointment.

Preparations and medicines based on celandine

Celandine can be found in a pharmacy in any form:

  • dry grass in sachets;
  • butter;
  • juice.

Balm for nail fungus is the most effective remedy, since the medicinal plant in the recipe is supplemented with other components that enhance its effect. How to use the nail fungus balm is described in detail on the package: the product is rubbed into the affected nails, and you do not need to rinse it off.

Use in children and pregnant women

Is it possible to treat nail fungus with celandine for all people or are there restrictions - an urgent question, the answer to which must be found before starting treatment.

Three categories of patients should not use products containing celandine:

  • children under 7 years old;
  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers.

The last category can use funds, but only externally and only under medical supervision.

Contraindications and possible harm of celandine

Like any effective remedy, celandine has contraindications:

  • preschool age;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • epilepsy;
  • allergy;
  • mental disorders;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Side effects in patients who do not have contraindications are extremely rare. Alternative medicine experts recommend that you carefully consider the dosage of the drug and the frequency of use. When used externally, there is a risk of skin irritation. And with internal use, signs of intoxication may develop: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion.

With a sharp deterioration in well-being during treatment, you need to call an ambulance service and try to induce vomiting. There is no specific antidote to the poisonous substance of the plant, so gastric lavage and symptomatic therapy are used.

Preventive measures

You can prevent the development of the disease using any remedy based on celandine. But it is better to use less concentrated formulations so that side reactions do not occur. For example, you can take 100 grams of a dried plant, pour 1 liter of boiling water, and leave for 20 minutes. After that, boiling water should be diluted with an equal amount of warm water and the decoction should be used as a foot bath.

You need to apply the recipe every other day, that is, about 3 times a week.


Reviews of celandine oil for nail fungus and other recipes can be found in large quantities, as the remedy is very popular.

  1. Woman, 29 years old: "I encountered nail fungus after visiting the sauna in the gym. As soon as I felt itching between my toes, I decided to start treatment. I do not trust pharmaceutical preparations, I prefer to use everything natural. Therefore, in the morning I did a foot bath from celandine, and before going to bed - a bath and ointment. The itching went away almost immediately, but I repeated the procedure for more than 2 months. Fortunately, the treatment of foot and nail fungus with celandine helped and a visit to the doctor was not required.
  2. Woman, 51 years old: "I get a fungus from time to time, I don’t know what exactly it is connected with. I use celandine regularly, fortunately, it can be found anywhere. Recently, I began to buy ready-made tinctures in a pharmacy. But I like my own recipes better. "