How to cure fungus on feet folk remedies

Athlete's foot: symptoms, causes

Fungus — a disease that is caused by mycotic organisms. Often, the infection affects the foot and then spreads to the nails. To disease is easy enough to go bare legs where the fungus is already there. Most often, the infection happens in public places — in the sauna, the shower, the pool. Moist environment suitable for the reproduction of spores. Skin flakes together with the fungus remain on the floor mats . Also easily pick up a fungus at the salon if the instruments are not sterile.

Symptoms of foot fungus

Symptoms of foot fungus are different, since they depend on the type of infection. However, there are several common features. Will tell you more about them. Symptoms of foot fungus are:

  • constant itching on the skin of the feet, especially in the areas between the fingers; the odor; change of color and structure of toenails;
  • peeling or thickening of the skin; the appearance of small cracks and wounds;
  • pain when walking; the formation of bubbles with the liquid.

Causes of foot fungus different. They include:

  • mechanical trauma of the skin and nails; poor shoes;
  • sweating;
  • disruption of the immune and endocrine systems;
  • age-related changes (older people are more susceptible to fungus than children);
  • some diseases (diabetes, metabolic disorders).

To avoid being infected with fungus, take care of your own shoes and observe good personal hygiene when visiting public places. This applies at home: you can catch the infection from other family members. Under any circumstances do not use other people's things.

How to treat foot fungus folk remedies

Take for the treatment of foot fungus or for the treatment of nail fungus as soon as he felt the first symptoms, because in the early stages to get rid of the disease easier.

Learn how to cure the infection at home.


  • Foot baths with potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate is a good disinfectant. Baths with potassium permanganate will help to reduce the itching and discomfort. Get this: in 2 litres of warm water dissolve 1 g of potassium permanganate (in granules). The solution should be pale pink color. Do the bath for 20 minutes.
  • Baths with baking soda and tea tree oil. Soda will soften the skin and nail plate. And tea tree will contribute to the healing of affected skin. In 3 liters of warm water dissolve 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Do the bath for 20 minutes. Then wipe the feet dry, treat the affected areas with a pumice stone or a special grater for feet, brush the skin with tea tree oil.
  • Bath with vinegar. Vinegar is good for fungus of the feet, preventing its reproduction. Therefore, baths with this tool will help you quickly forget about the problem. Take table 9% vinegar: it works better than Apple cider and wine. For baths, mix the water with vinegar in the proportions of 8:1. Keep your feet in the bath for 20 minutes.
  • The bath with celandine. Properties celandine is encoded in its name. Therefore, the plant will help to deal with fungus between the toes. To start prepare a decoction of 5 tablespoons of chopped herbs celandine pour a liter of boiling water and steep for one hour. Dip your feet in warm infusion, and hold 15 minutes.
  • Baths calendula. Medicinal plant has been proven to combat fungus, so that the bath with the calendula will help to eradicate the infection.Do this: pour 200 g of dried flowers of calendula liter of boiling water. 30-40 minutes. Then dip your feet in the warm broth. The duration of the bath is 15 minutes. In the fight with the fungus, it is important to do the procedure regularly every day to the complete destruction of the infection.

After the bath, wipe the feet dry with a clean towel. Don't forget about the shoes — treat regularly with an antiseptic, otherwise the problem will return. You learned how to get rid of foot fungus with the help of medicine.

We recommend not to begin treatment on their own, and consult a doctor.