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The initial stage of nail fungus on hands is a pathology, which is characterized by loss of healthy Shine, brittleness, color changes and thickness of the nail plate. Knowing the symptoms of the disease, the patient will be able to see a specialist. Treatment will stop the disease and preventive measures re-development of pathology.

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Insidious onychomycosis

One of the most common infections is onychomycosis, popularly known as nail fungus. Pathology is not only common, but very subtle, therefore requires careful treatment. Onychomycosis refers to a category of infectious diseases. No medical care will become chronic, with serious consequences. The disease does not simply appear, it all depends on the hygiene habits of the person, characteristics of the profession. The disease are exposed to people of different age groups. The fungus often affects the foot and the nail on my big toe. The nail plate on the hands suffer less. Sometimes, the infection gets on his hands through the failure to comply with hygienic norms during the manicure or infected feet. Often "family" of the infection, through shared use of toilet facilities. ! Fungus on hands – not only a health issue but an aesthetic. With the development of the pathology the patient is experiencing systems.


trihofitii, fungi of the genus Candida are the main causative agents of infectious diseases. In rare cases, this mold. According to statistics on human skin parasites of about 20 species trihofiti. The peculiarity of microorganisms on spore formation, resistance to high and low temperatures, drying, antiseptic solutions. Getting into the skin or under the nail plate, disputes trihofiti rising, reborn in the microorganisms. In the form of thin filaments (mycelium) penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, nails. Mycelium have a dense cell wall that protects them from the immune system and antibodies, which began to fight with them. ! The parasites enter the bloodstream, spread to internal organs and systems. As a result, affected nails, lymph nodes in different parts of the body.

Sources of infection

Asymptomatic early stages of the disease – in this insidious parasites. Fungus on fingers and toes at the beginning of the infection almost impossible to notice. For activity and reproduction of microorganisms favorable microclimate is the heat and humidity. It is therefore not surprising that the infection occurs in public places (saunas, aquaparks, pools, gyms, transport stations). Infection carrier leaves behind a microscopic skin flakes and nail on everything it touches (handrails, shower benches in the sauna, the towels, shoes, the floor coatings, sports facilities). Left disputes quickly find a new victim and environment for active growth and reproduction. The first parasites attack people who have: lowered immunity; weakened by diseases of the body; disturbed emotional background; trauma to the skin, nail plates; problems with observance of rules of hygiene. Admirers of wooden baths are also at risk of infection. Wood has a porous structure, to conduct a thorough disinfection is impossible. Spores are considered to be permanent citizens of baths, saunas made of natural materials or places where there are household items made of wood. ! Sources of infection – warm places with high humidity, hygiene items, linens, improperly handled manicure tools, sometimes the dishes!

Clinical forms of pathology

Onychomycosis – a disease that requires immediate medical attention. First define a clinical group pathology. Clinical forms: normal scars form. The symptoms appear slowly. Parasites hit the nail on the inside. Note small yellow spots that eventually grow, spread. The hypertrophic form. Infection affects the nail bed and plate. The nail is covered with cavities, and tubercles. Suffer toes, hands. The nail plate separates from the bed. Appears whitish hue. Interesting! Disease tend to manifest symptoms of several forms.

Manifestations of infection by the fungus

Infection at the initial stage manifests the same symptoms. The first warning signs of the disease – changing form, color plates (causes yellow toenails). Looks like the disease is in the early stages? In the beginning the fungus attacks gradually progresses and spreads through the whole area. The location distinguish types of pathology:

  • Distal view. Affected the upper part of the nail.
  • Lateral view. The infection develops on the sides, near the skin.
  • The proximal view. The infected surface of the plate.
  • The proximal view. Lesion around the nail shaft.
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Common symptoms the first attack of microorganisms to notice just. Striking a tone plate pink color changes to dull yellow, later it becomes gray. Changes occur in the structure, begin to appear the bumps, bumps. Later on there are strips in the longitudinal direction, spot, blur. Thickening, sensitivity, fractures at the site of lesion. The infection begins to spread to the skin, it becomes red and inflamed. Fungus on fingers – often a women's issue, although in some cases, the pathology affects men.

Parasites on hand. The primary symptoms:

  • loss of gloss, dull
  • white spots on fingernails
  • as the progression of the disease, the plate is grey or brown
  • peeling skin on the palms and fingers
  • it is noted brittleness, splitting, nail crumbles
  • black stripes on nails
  • changes in the skin around the lesion, it swells, turns red, flakes

. Species affected with onychomycosis of the fingernails in the photo. The symptoms of fungus of the feet and hands have a lot of similarities between them.

Fungus on toes

Microorganisms on legs symptoms:

  • plate partially covered by a yellow, fuzzy spots
  • dull color, gloss disappears
  • thickening exfoliation
  • peel off the skin between the toes; slight itching between the toes
  • legs exude an unpleasant odor

Treatment in the first stage of development of pathology is an important decision, since the feature of onychomycosis is a quick progression. Delayed treatment will lead to deformation of the nail plate, the accumulation of poisonous toxins released by parasites. Once in the blood, the toxins poison the body, disrupt the functioning of vital organs, impairs the process of exchange.

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Methods of combating infection

How to treat onychomycosis? The treatment begins with a trip to the doctor who prescribes the procedure for TANK culture (scraping with the lesions), other studies. Diagnostic testing will help determine the type of fungal infection and the sensitivity of the patient to drugs. Treatment at the initial stage requires the patient to complete dedication. Because the path to full recovery long need to be patient. To avoid chronic forms it is important to follow all recommendations of the attending physician.

As a comprehensive treatment used:

  • drugs, moisturizes, nourishes the tissue, restoring metabolic processes – the creams, ointments, gels
  • the warning devices development and reproduction of the infection solutions, drops; advanced infections are treated with medicine, injections

In the beginning of the disease prescribed treatment is non-steroidal and steroid drugs (varnishes, ointments). They warn of further activity, parasites, strengthen the immune system triggers the regeneration processes.

External medications:

  • Antifungal drugs used against Candida and yeasts.
  • allylamine funds are active exclusively against fungi.
  • Cream (main component of snake oil).
  • Gels.
  • Varnish.

In order to slow the fermentation of the mycelium administered drugs in tablets that have a fungicidal effect.

The list of tablets:

  • Capsules a rapid – acting drug does not require treatment with additional funds. At the same time to restore the appearance of the nail plate is applied varnishes or gels.
  • Set against the fungus with Chinese herb medicine work instantly using the extract of Chinese herbs and synthetic compounds included in the composition of the drug.
  • Capsules – activates the body's defenses, normalizes the state of the microflora.
  • Drops – due to the fundamental component naftifin hydrochloride fast acting being absorbed into the skin and creating a solid defense. Film created drops, does not allow the microorganisms to penetrate into deeper layers of the dermis.

At the initial stage of the disease is used treatment of folk remedies. Good fight parasites Apple cider vinegar, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and the infusion of strong tea, oil of celandine, pepper spray, salicylic 35% acid. Before you use medicines or traditional medicines, it is important to consult with your doctor.



After treatment of the infection is necessary preventive measures.


  • do not use someone else's shoes, toiletries;
  • shoes only comfortable, made of natural materials;
  • clean socks, change daily;
  • good hygiene;
  • nail care brand clean tool;
  • strengthen immunity, vitamins.


Mycosis – a disease from which nobody is insured. Get infected can, like people with lowered immunity, and completely healthy. It is therefore very important to surround yourself with clean, follow health, hygiene. Of course, such measures can not guarantee absolute security, but will minimize the chance of infection pathogens.