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  • Treating nail fungus effectively with apple cider vinegar will help clear up the infection and prevent relapse. Recipes for baths, compresses and lotions.
    17 August 2021
  • The initial stage of toenail fungus: the main symptoms, methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, photo.
    27 July 2021
  • The main symptoms of the manifestation of the fungus between the toes. Treatment of the fungus with medication and with the help of traditional medicine. Preventive measures.
    6 May 2021
  • How to treat fungus on the feet? The causes of the disease, symptoms, alternative methods and drugs used for treatment.
    22 March 2021
  • How to determine the fungus of toenails, what causes the fungus on the nails, what diseases can serve as a prerequisite, who is at risk, what does nail fungus look like, stages of the disease, a few words about effective treatment, summing up.
    21 March 2021
  • 5 March 2020
  • Treatment of fungus toenails does a dermatologist. At the initial stage of the disease can be quite a topical treatment, but if the moment is missed and mushrooms sprouted in the bed of the nail plate require more serious therapy. In this case, the process of treating nail fungus will take 3-6 months
    3 March 2020